Culture and Employee Engagement, Sentiment.

Agile and Continuous Performance Appraisal.

Diversity. Inclusion. Team Management. ONA.

Next Generation Platform

People Analytics 360 is the world's next generation people analytics platform that uniquely combines six decades of scientific research and Big Data analytics. People Analytics 360 gathers collective intelligence from cross-functional teams and individuals in order to make decisions and solve critical problems across an organization.

Unlike competitors, our methodology utilizes Natural Language Processing and the Real-time Delphi Method in order to arrive to a unified group consensus for any organizational topic. Our machine learning algorithms understand the drivers of engagement, predict retention, manage flight risk, and suggest new ways to enhance profit margins.

Key Components

Gather Collective Intelligence

People Analytics 360 is powered by the Delphi method, a consensus-oriented group decision-making technique. The expert method allows group members to share and exchange their opinions equally without undue influence or social drawbacks, and shape them into a decision that is in the best interest of the whole. The process results in better decisions, better implementation and better group relationships. 

Link People to Business Goals

Tie the real-time results produced from People Analytics 360 to your financial data in order to get a 360° picture of how your people are affecting your profit margins and KPIs. Receive data-driven suggestions on how to improve profit, see which employees are delivering the most value for the business, identify bottlenecks, and recognize projects or departments in need of continued investment.

Uncover Team Dynamics

Truly understand each and every employee and team dynamic. In real-time identify high or low performers, spot early signs of employee churn, chart engagement, build high-performing teams based on individual sentiments and behaviors, pinpoint key influencers, and empower your employees to be a part of the decision-making process.